Vienna and the Masterclass


I think I am addicted. I am addicted to the truly inspiring Masterclasses Atelier Olschinsky organize. I am addicted to working in such a talented group of students.

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photo by Verena Weiss

These 18 creative talents came from 14 different countries.


photo by Verena Weiss

I am addicted to the light studio Verena Weiss and Peter Olschinsky turned into a stylish home, with space, light, laughter good food and a handsome dog. But most of all I am blown away by the positive energy Chris and SooJin Buzelli brought.


photo by Verena Weiss


photo by Verena Weiss

Chris Buzelli creates magical oil paintings which in my book are way beyond ‘illustration’. However, besides amazing painting skills he knows how to make a clever visual contribution to a text or idea. So yes he is an ace illustrator too. Look for example at the poster series he made for the School of Visual Arts.

. Moreover he was for me (at 49!) ‘that history teacher’. You know the myth about ‘that history teacher’ that made a change? I never believed such a person really exists but heej now I am so happy I decided to go to Vienna and join this masterclass and meet the Buzelli’s. They were my ‘history teachers’.

SooJin made me see what a good artdirector means for the artwork. Her questions, reactions to the sketches and presentations did something for me. Her openess to ideas, style and illustration made me see that my work can be a meaningful voice in illustration too. And I am ready to grab that opportunity with both hands and make it work.

So much happened during this class: we got insights in how a good artdirector works, how illustrators can respond to a brief, how to think and come up with your own solutions, how other illustrators tackle an assigment, about promotion, pricing, contracts and saw awesome examples of good work.


You see me thinking here 🙂 And I still have a lot to think about: but most of all keep going. Keep drawing … make drawing the fun part of illustration again. So a good reason to sign up with a lot of illustration classes. And I hope to come back to Vienna next year. It is so good to look at yourself, your work, be inspired and know what you have to address to become better.