messy parade



I like to run, in the mornings when everybody hurries to work and school I run in the opposite direction. To the Flevopark, Diemerpark or Amsterdam Rijn Canal. It is green, quiet, and you’ll find some space. I like the routine and seeing the same people during my run: an Asian women doing Tai Chi near the lake, the fast boy with long legs, an older man with flapping raincoat running endlessly. I walk back from the park to my home and pick up trash. Every time at least five items. The best place to find good-looking trash is neer the train bridge.

I thought it would make sense to recycle the trashy items I pick up: using the form and shape to inspire me to make a new illustration. You can follow me growing series at me instagram aacount: looking for the hashtag: #messyparade.

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