mondaynights at the Wackers Academy


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Every Monday night I spend a few hours at the Wackers Academy: mixing colors, looking for shadows and lights, trying to find the right expression and making minimal changes with the incredible patient and skillful teacher Arnout Killian.

this is how I left my girl last week. I like the image better for this week’s because it is calmer, smoother … but this girl did not look like my brave and tough daughter.


So last Monday I left my girl looking like this . It looks as if I only made some very minimal changes and maybe not for the ‘better’, but the angle of her face and her expression is becoming slowly, very slow a bit better.

Now I can not wait to ‘calm down’ the image again and work on the background. I love these evenings. The only thing that matters in my mind is the shape of the nose and the color of the shadow.