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I love to run in the mornings. When the city is in a rush and everyone is hurrying, I just run without purpose. The moment I enter ‘our park’ feels like a present: everything is so quiet, green, nice.
I always meet the same people (and dogs!) in this park: the friendly Turkish man with flapping raincoat running around the small lake endlessly, the boy who makes giants steps with his long legs, the Azian woman doing exercises near the ‘open water’.
I am not a fanatic, or try to train for a marathon or city run. I just like to be outside, feel the fresh air, become very, véry tired and this start of the day. And I like to stretch after my run in the park. While trying to stretch and calming my breath a bit I pick up the trash I see in the grass. At least 5 pieces I tell myself. One piece of found trash I take home and try to use for a new image. Some images I printed and used as notes in the park:

And you know what! Someone found of my notes (she knew I made this and posted it one Facebook

I am not too sure whether I should continue hanging these notes in the park asking to clean up your stuff. It is not my style. But I do like to show you the things I found and my inspiration of the day. So good news: I started running again after this hot summer (and love it!), will pick my five pieces of litter after every run and show you ‘the pick of the five’ regularly. I will show these images on my Instagram account with the # messyparade.