When you get an email from art director SooJin Buzelli you know you are going to make something special. The texts are never easy but SooJin provides the brief with a sharp and brief summary. If you follow her instagram account you can see a wonderful mosaic of illustration styles and see which art direction […]


interview on the Gumclub – about working with an agency


As you might know: I am a happy member of the Gumclub. A dutch online magazine about illustration. This time Thalysia | Stokwolf – one of the co founders – interviewed me about working with and for an agency. I talk about my experiences with Lindgren and Smith and I realize I am a lucky […]


we went to the market


together with the lovely Tamar from Toko73 I went to the Roots Market in Castricum. She makes elegant, colorful jewelry. And I could buy a sweet swallow necklace from her. We had a lovely, cold, day. It was so good to meet people who pick up my work, talk about it, and buy it. I even […]

mondaynights at the Wackers Academy


Every Monday night I spend a few hours at the Wackers Academy: mixing colors, looking for shadows and lights, trying to find the right expression and making minimal changes with the incredible patient and skillful teacher Arnout Killian. this is how I left my girl last week. I like the image better for this week’s […]




I love to run in the mornings. When the city is in a rush and everyone is hurrying, I just run without purpose. The moment I enter ‘our park’ feels like a present: everything is so quiet, green, nice. I always meet the same people (and dogs!) in this park: the friendly Turkish man with […]


back to school – paint


My Monday night couldn’t be better. Thirty minutes cycling through Amsterdam and ending at the Wackersacademy. I started a very serious painting course: improve your painting skills. I enjoy it so much! And we laugh a lot too. Mijn ideale maandagavond: een flinke fietstocht door Amsterdam die eindigt bij de Wackersacademie. Hier volg ik sinds […]




It seemed endless this summer. We discovered our city in a new way. Water was our best friend. We started the day with a dive in a pool or jumped in the Amsterdam canals after a long sweaty day. It is fascinating to see the change of movement of the kids from hot land to […]


Vienna and the Masterclass


I think I am addicted. I am addicted to the truly inspiring Masterclasses Atelier Olschinsky organize. I am addicted to working in such a talented group of students. These 18 creative talents came from 14 different countries. I am addicted to the light studio Verena Weiss and Peter Olschinsky turned into a stylish home, with […]


I went to the Rijksmuseum and …


I love the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. And after one of my visits to the museum I made some drawings, inspired by the work I had seen. And this is what happened to them: Some of my favourites formed a set of postcards which I sell in my Etsy shop. I still have a weak spot […]


Handpicked by Anna and Renée


Handpicked by Anna and Renée has moved! The new address is: Fnidsen 54 Alkmaar photo’s by Renée I am so happy that these cool ladies sell my work. Their new shop looks even better than the previous one. They really know how to make a shop look like a fab place and bring all the […]


workshop voor Flow


photo by Anita Oosterbosch On a sunny Thursday afternoon I was back at Atelier Oosterbosch. Valesca van Waveren organized an inspiring workshop for ‘the image team’ of Flow Magazine. I could give some assistance. And was happy to be back in this wonderful place with the best host in town: Anita Oosterbosch. The art you […]

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