the 100 day project


I had this idea after seeing Lisa Congdon’s amazing speech embrace the abyss  to make a series. I talked about that already, yesss okee. I opened a page here on my blog to show you every week a ‘Natural / Natuurtalent’. A drawing or doodle with a photographic element from nature -my niece sends me piles of beauties- but ..overzicht_lente

I was very slow. Am very slow.

The magazine the Great Discontent knows how to shake thing up and announced their plan, the 100 day project  and I opened an instagram account -feel a bit lost on a cool dancefloor here!- but I am having the time of my life. I like it, want to work on this drawings, reuse old material, building up a series and enjoying all the other creations.


so yes, let it grow!


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