illustrations for FabMama about co parenthood


This summer I made my debut for a splendid magazine : FabMama. I worked with the artdirector of this magazine before -for an other magazine about parenthood – and was so pleased when I saw the magazine in print with my illustrations. I really like te way how Laura Yark places the illustrations, giving them light, room and paring them with good colors and fonts.

So I used different materials: ink, colored pencils -also for ‘frottage’-, fineliners, and collage. And look look look, the little girl on your left is me! The man in the middle is my dad and the pretty girl on the right is my sister. ha!




The article main focus was about the down sides of co parenthood. Worth a read.



I am a lucky girl because for a coming issue I can make illustrations about a spicy, intriguing issue … cheating mothers. Keep you posted.




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