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A wild daffodil is the beard of the sailor who would rather work in his garden than travel on the ocean for days and nights with a rough crew. A crumpled map is the dress for the girl who takes a jump and decides to be less of a control freak.

My work often combines photographical elements with drawings. These photographical elements are chosen with great care: they tell part of the story, refer to a time, place, moment in history, give a twist and add to the power of the illustration.

I work and live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After studying English language and literature and teaching for five years at a secondary school in Amsterdam, I decided follow my dreams and applied for the popular art school the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. My exam work won the Items & Industry Prize. Since then I worked for many European magazines and companies and participated in several exhibitions (Water World • Amsterdam, Stranger • Madrid, Secret 7 • London)

I am mother of three wonderful kids, love the city Amsterdam, reading, indigo, the Dutch coast, running and soup.



My  client list includes:


MPG Today

Flow magazine


University of Amsterdam

Skins Cosmetics

Rathenau Institute

Morley (children’s apparel)

ABN Amro magazine

Alzheimer foundation (magazine)



Claudi is represented by Lindgren&Smith, please contact this fabulous agency for commission in the US market: https://lindgrensmith.com.


And this … is Claudi with Henny. Her girl crush and the best picture she had of herself in the house.

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Claudi Kessels