Author: claudi

Vienna and the Masterclass


I think I am addicted. I am addicted to the truly inspiring Masterclasses Atelier Olschinsky organize. I am addicted to working in such a talented group of students. These 18 creative talents came from 14 different countries. I am addicted to the light studio Verena Weiss and Peter Olschinsky turned into a stylish home, with […]


I went to the Rijksmuseum and …


I love the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. And after one of my visits to the museum I made some drawings, inspired by the work I had seen. And this is what happened to them: Some of my favourites formed a set of postcards which I sell in my Etsy shop. I still have a weak spot […]


Handpicked by Anna and Renée


Handpicked by Anna and Renée has moved! The new address is: Fnidsen 54 Alkmaar photo’s by Renée I am so happy that these cool ladies sell my work. Their new shop looks even better than the previous one. They really know how to make a shop look like a fab place and bring all the […]


workshop voor Flow


photo by Anita Oosterbosch On a sunny Thursday afternoon I was back at Atelier Oosterbosch. Valesca van Waveren organized an inspiring workshop for ‘the image team’ of Flow Magazine. I could give some assistance. And was happy to be back in this wonderful place with the best host in town: Anita Oosterbosch. The art you […]